We work for tiny start-ups as well as big players. We help them to bring their ideas to life and create brands people want to talk about.

Hi & Watson is a boutique design studio that specializes in the art of creative branding.

We create communications across media and try to use our strategic approach to create brands that transport and visualize their values. For each client we try to find individual solutions ranging from the very first Visual Identity to Branded Experience within any digital and physical space.

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Web Design
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We strive to find creative and new ways to help you find the sweet spot of your business idea and create its visual identity. Faced with fierce competition and overwhelming indifference, brands today are more than ever challenged to find their unique voice in the jungle of our everyday input. Therefore we want to offer our professional experience and cross-medial background to come up with your personal brand identity that stands out and sets itself apart from all the rest.

With an international network of creative people, Hi & Watson covers a big variety of creative disciplines while operating in a team of only a few. Intentionally. If required, we can offer specialist skills from experts in their field, be they photographers, copywriters, videographers or developers.

The founder and Creative Director Corinna Hingelbaum was educated at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin where she received her Master of Arts in Visual Communications. She worked at moodley brand identity, home eat home and Jung von Matt. Corinna has been working as a freelance designer since 2016 and founded her own studio in 2019.

Selected Clients

Mozilla Firefox
Mart Stam
Lucka Box
Jonathan Lavigne
Jung von Matt
Tehrani & Brandts
Illustrative e.V.
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